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Tips on How to Choose the Best Wine Glass

If you are just hanging out and drinking wine as merely a refreshment with a meal, and you are not actually paying any mind to or thinking about the glass container you chose to use. The glass might have been the first one you picked up off the cupboard shelf, possibly a jelly glass or perhaps just a plastic cup, just your daily glassware.

Nevertheless, if you have a superior wine, or a very specific one for a very special occasion where you might have friends or co-workers, or maybe your boss, all of whom will wish to comment on the wine, just remember this, good quality wine tastes better out of a fine glass. It truly does make a difference. A nice quality glass with a stem on it is best to distribute the perfect message. Your friends will enjoy the wine’s aroma and flavor complexities so much more out of a fine quality glass.

There is truly no right or wrong color for a wine glass. If you decide on a clear glass, you or your guests have the ability to identify the true color of the wine itself. if you choose a pretty colored glass such as ruby red, cobalt blue, pastel pink maybe, these would be attractive accents in ones china cabinet. The choice is yours.

Did you realize the taste of wine varies when you drink it out of diverse types of glasses, this is a proven fact. Every variety of wine tastes different based on the glass it is poured in to. Test this for yourself, the best way to do this is to attend a wine tasting event, test the exact same wine out of different varieties of glasses, a lot of people have said it tastes as though it is a totally different wine that was served. Many people have actually accused the wine steward at these events of pouring them totally different kinds of wine. As a result of this, we now know for a fact, that size, shape and the thickness of the glass are key in making wine taste better.

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Don’t Let Being A Mom End Your Career

Is it possible for working mothers to have it all? A family, a career, and the lack of dark circles surrounding their eyes? Of course they can, well maybe not the last one, but it has to be worked at. Far too many working mothers find that their career is placed on a hiatus during the early years of their child’s life at best. And, at worst the career ladder is permanently stopped at the position attained before maternity leave. Following these simple steps, you can stop motherhood ending your career.

1. Be realistic. Are you able to dedicate yourself to the same high-flying job that you did pre children? More to the point, do you still have the desire to? The option is simply not to continue in the same role or stop, but this is exactly the quandary many working mums find themselves in. Being unable to keep up with both a demanding hectic job and needy kids it is often felt that the only option is to no longer work. Motherhood is the perfect opportunity for one to reassess their goals in life. Many mums go on to build their own lifestyle businesses that can be structured around their family needs.

2. Find excellent childcare. Often this is what makes or breaks the working mum’s juggling act. Having a provider for childcare who is flexible, reliable, and there to stay can take away one of the strains from the equation. Each childcare solution has its pros and cons and the ideal solution will be dependent upon each family’s needs. Take the time to explore all the options and do not settle for second best.

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The Best Nick Jr Shows for Moms to Enjoy

When my first son was a baby I swore he would not lay eyes on a cartoon until he was at least 4 years old. That was until we discovered DJ Lance Rock and the wonderful world of Yo Gabba Gabba. My son was not quite 12 months old, and I was not quite 9 months pregnant. On a particularly desperate morning I flipped through the channels and landed on the previously forbidden Nick Jr. channel. When that little boy heard the music and saw the mysterious creatures dancing, he was hooked! His tiny little body began to move with the music, and a love for television was born.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of incessant TV watching at any age. However, it does have its benefits, especially for an exhausted mommy. Earlier in life I can remember going to friends’ houses who had children and wondering how they themselves could stand watching these ridiculous cartoons all the time. That brings us to our purpose for today. On more than one occasion I have found myself plopped down in front of the TV completely absorbed in the storyline of one of my kids’ favorite shows, only to discover that I’m the only one still watching. Even upon making this discovery, I generally keep watching long enough to see what’s going to happen! The following are my, personal, favorite Nick Jr. shows.

1. Jack’s Big Music Show: This is my all time favorite, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I love to hear my son talk about it. He doesn’t call it “Jack’s Big Music Show”, because he hasn’t quite mastered the art of pronunciation. Nope, he calls it “Jack’s Baby Hoe”, which is so much cuter. After a particularly good episode a few weeks ago, he turned to me and said, “Momma, I love that hoe!” Well, truth be told, I too love that hoe, and often watch it when I’m alone. The music that is featured on the show is not cheesy Barney & Friends-type melodies. They feature Dr. Stringz (Andrew Bird), as well as the fabulous Laurie Berkner. The music is catchy, it quirky, and it is extremely entertaining.

2. Yo Gabba Gabba: As I mentioned earlier, this was the show that spawned our relationship with Nick Jr. DJ Lance Rock hosts the half hour show featuring a crazy troupe of colorful creatures who go by the names Brobee, Muno, Plex, Foofa, and Toodee. As if this show couldn’t get any more fantastic, also featured is Mark Mothersbaugh… ring a bell? That’s right, the crazy cat from Devo. If that didn’t trigger an automatic “Whip it!” in your mind, you need to take a refresher course on classic 80s music. Now, if this doesn’t sound like the recipe for motherhood entertainment, I don’t know what is!

3. Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends: Now, this show is just sweet. Miss Spider is the mother of all bugs. She loves them in spite of their different diets, web-spinning abilities, or slimy excretions. This was actually the show that prompted me to write this article. As I sat watching it with my boys this morning I realized that I was crying. One of the bugs was searching for her birth mother, and when she couldn’t find her “hatch-day tree”, she gave up. Miss Spider was so sweet and tender, encouraging the searching, but also comforting the tiny bug when it didn’t end as she had hoped. This is just a sweet little show, with a good moral thrown in here and there.

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Wine Tasting For Beginners – Part One

You have decided to start learning how to taste wines, however you do not know where to begin from. You can access websites and journals which are exclusively dedicated to wine tasting. However the content in such sites and journals are written for advanced level of tasting. If you want to know about basic steps and techniques about wine tasting then you have come to the right place. In this article I would like to briefly outline how to begin your new adventure of tasting wines.

Tasting wine is not just limited to tasting, but it is a complex process which involves other senses like smelling and looking. So as a beginner you need to follow the three basic steps of looking, smelling and tasting in order to truly appreciate the uniqueness of the wine. As a beginner it is good to note down each and every thing that you observe. As the time passes and with experience you will be able to easily understand the flavor and aroma of it but for now let’s stick to the basics.

Looking at the wine:
When you look at it you need to look for two important things, one the color of the wine and the second the opacity of the wine. Pour it into a suitable glass and then take a very good look at it. It is good to look at it on a white background. The first thing that will strike is the color of the wine. It is very easy to label the wine as red or white but it is important that you learn how to look at the wine beyond red or white color. Many red wines will either be velvety, or maroon, or purple, similarly many white wines could be straw colored, light yellow. Next thing you need to look at is the opacity of the wine, is the wine clear or does it have bubbles arising, is the body opaque or cloudy.

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