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Ruster Ausbruch: the Specialty Dessert Wine from Austria

Ruster Ausbruch is a specialty sweet dessert wine from Austria. In understanding what Ruster Ausbruch is, it is helpful to first look at the name itself: Ruster is pronounced “rooster”, like the bird, and it simply means that the wine comes from the town of Rust (pronounced roost) in the Burgenland region of Austria. Ausbruch is pronounced ahs-brook, and comes from the German word Ausbrechen, which means to “break out.” There are a number of dessert wines hailing from different countries called Ausbruch, and it refers to the method used to select the grapes during harvest: the grapes which have been affected by botrytis cinerea (also known as noble rot) are “broken out” of the bunch, leaving the clean, un-affected grapes behind. It is this noble rot that is being referred to when you find a dessert wine being called a “Noble Wine.”

The quality of the final product depends upon how meticulously this selection process it is done. The simplest way involves taking two buckets and making one pass at the vines, roughly separating the merely ripe grapes from those affected by noble rot.

The more labor intensive way involves going through the vineyard day after day, sometimes as much as a dozen times, and only picking the most perfectly noble-rotted grapes with each pass and leaving the rest on the vine until they reach rotted perfection. Those affected by the lesser black or green molds are also picked but then discarded. With this method, even the most experienced picker will collect only about enough grapes to produce 20 liters of wine with each pass. In fact, winemaker Michael Wenzel of the Wenzel Winery in Rust tells of a year when it took a team of 7 harvesters working full-time for 10 days to pick enough grapes for a mere 300 liters of this precious wine.

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Red Wines – No Back Seat To White

In the last article we went over the most popular white wines. In this article we’re going to try to give equal time to some of the more popular red wines, even though red wines in general are not as popular as white wines. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some good red wines out there. In this article we’ll hit on a few of them.

One of the most popular red wines is Sharp Hill Vineyard Red Seraph. This wine is made from a blend of St. Croix grapes. It is a very smooth wine and goes very well with beef, lamb and pasta dishes. It goes for about $12 a bottle.

Another popular red wine, also from Connecticut, is Cabernet Franc which is made exclusively from Cabernet Franc grapes. This wine is best served with all red meat dishes as well as chocolate desserts. It sells for about $17.50 a bottle.

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You Can Look Up Everything That You Need To Know About Wine Online

If you are a genuine wine lover or even if you are just slightly interested in the subject you can find everything that you need to know about wine online. Looking up wine online is simple and easy and it takes almost no time at all. No matter what you want to know about this fascinating subject you can find about wine online.

Looking up wine online has never been easier than it is today and as time passes it will only get even easier. This is because there are so many people just like you out there who love to learn as much as they can about wine. Since there is this need for information more and more people are putting the knowledge that they have about wine online. All of these wine online websites will give you all kinds of info.

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A Simple Jewish Meal

Now that it is fall cooking is more of a production. Meals need to be hot to warm your family up after a long day in the cold. However, because you spend you day working and taking care of your family you may not always be in the mood to cook a large hot meal. Fortunately, a simple Jewish meal prepared with love can be just as satisfying as a gourmet meal that took hours to prepare.

The Main Course

When planning a simple meal you will want to start with the main course. Since you want to simplify the cooking process you will want to create a single dish that has all the food groups in its ingredients. Stews and casseroles are two dishes that help you to create well rounded meals in a single pot or dish.

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