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7 Obnoxious Questions That Young Moms Get Asked

1. “Is she yours?”

Pushing my daughter around the mall and having people comment ‘She’s so cute! Is she yours, or… ?’ You would never think to ask a middle aged woman if that baby she’s holding is hers or not! Not only is it none of your business, but you are in fact being super rude. I know I’m young. Get over it.

2. “Where’s your baby daddy?”

People will always ask about the whereabouts of her father. Uh, I don’t know, at home? At work? Would you like me to call and find out his exact location? It’s the middle of the day, and last time I checked I didn’t need him to escort me every where I go. Yes, I know lots of teen dads don’t stick around, but guess what? Just because I’m barely out of my teens doesn’t mean he is. It seems that looking like a teen mom automatically means it’s appropriate to ask me questions you’d get slapped for asking someone twice my age.

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Frugal Recipes: Easy Beef Stew For Less Than 15 Dollars!

Everybody eats, but not everyone’s got money to spare! That’s okay, though, because with a few basic tools, cooking techniques, and ingredients, you can cook some seriously tasty and frugal meals. Here’s a recipe for my favorite beef stew that you can replicate for less than 15 dollars…

Step 1: Cheap Beef and Veggies

Head on out to your favorite supermarket or budget food store to gather the ingredients for this frugal recipe. You’ll need a store that has at least a basic meat counter or butcher’s section, as well as some decent produce.

At the meat counter, look for a cheap, somewhat fatty cut of beef. Chuck is my favorite, and you can find it for just two to three dollars per pound if you check the right places! Don’t worry about the fat, either, as much of it will render, or melt off, during the cooking process.

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Free Groceries?

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Wine Storage Temperatures & Solutions

The love of wine has existed since the dawn of time. Fossil vines, 60-million-years-old, are the earliest scientific evidence of grapes. The earliest written account of viniculture is in the Old Testament of the Bible which tells us that Noah planted a vineyard and made wine (well with all those animals on the Ark what was he expected to do!)

Exactly when it was discovered is unknown, but an ancient Persian fable credits a lady of the court with the discovery of wine. This Princess, having lost favor with the King, attempted to poison herself by eating some table grapes that had spoiled in a jar. She became intoxicated and giddy and fell asleep. When she awoke, she found the stresses that had made her life intolerable had dispersed. Returning to the source of her relief, her subsequent conduct changed so remarkably that she regained the King’s favor. He shared his daughter’s discovery with his court and …

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If you would like to find out more about wine storage and see some REALLY cool wine storage solutions then visit the ultimate source of tips, advice and solutions for all your wine storage needs.

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Wine Gift Basket

Gift baskets are very popular among the people having good taste and culture. The concept of gift basket was coming from fruit basket; while there are some other outcomes of gift basket-such as wine gift basket.

Wine is very important item to celebrate any occasion like wedding, birthday, anniversary etc.It gives a pleasant realisation of life and forces you to sing and dance while you can speak and walk. Wine and music are indispensable parts of every party. Wine is the only aspect which turns an occasion into a party.

A wine gift basket is a collection of excellent wines which is gifted to exhilarate the mood of any party. A wine gift basket is an ideal gift for the anniversary purpose; this will rejuvenate the conjugal life of the couple and share their experiences of year’s long relationship. A peg of wine is a great way to express one’s gratitude and thankfulness. Wine warms up a chilled Christmas evening into sizzling one. Wine is also very suitable for Valentine’s Day celebration. Wine represents the concealed romance of people’s life and makes them express their hidden feelings.

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