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So I’m rapidly expecting my fourth child, Hadrian or Adrian with an “H” and I clearly am caught in a series of nesting activity. I had to go up north over the weekend and my in-laws and wife have created the new nursery, setup the basement (yes its done!!!) and cleaned my garage while I was gone. I’m very appreciative of this, mainy because it provides something to blog about – service.
We had the got junk folks to come out and rumor has it they are great people who provide great service, but having not met them either time they have been over, I defer to my wife Emily’s opinion on this, but not the next item. I’ve been kicking, moving and sliding a Diaper Genie for nearly two years and it is STILL in my garage after the wonderful got junk people have come and left with several hundred dollars of trash to haul – a dryer, holiday decorations, random furniture from college, but they leave the genie. It’s not like we are ever going to use it again, sell it in a garage sale or apparently have the junk guys take it.

The allure of the [tag]diaper genie[/tag] is amazing as a [tag]new parent[/tag], as I clearly thought it would be helpful – but it is a great deal more effort than using traditional garbage can with a [tag]Ziploc[/tag], yes I said it Ziploc. I don’t mean to go [tag]Monk[/tag] on this, but I like me some gallon sized Ziplocs for this type of transaction. The problem is the ongoing expense of the refill kit is no more friendly on the budget or the environment.

Couple the environment with the prep and diaper sausage extraction, that it’s just a little too much overhead, do that my word – see the review scape and a reviews:

52 Reviews

5 star: 21% (77)
4 star: 18% (66)
3 star: 6% (22)
2 star: 11% (41)
1 star: 41% (146)

We have a four-year-old and a just one-year-old and we are selling our Genie in a yard sale this weekend. The Genie, and others like it, I’m sure, gets smelly before it’s “full” and emptying it before a full chamber is more costly than the already overpriced refills. A better solution? Take the dirty diaper down to your kitchen, take a plastic grocery store bag (what do you know, about the same material and weight as the refills!), put the diaper in, twist, fold the diaper in again, tie off and put in the kitchen trash. Yes, the trash fills up more quickly, but then the diapers make it out of the house faster, too – no more smell. And the “refills” are free! Don’t bother with these overpriced systems!!

By M. Griffith

PLEASE NOTE: I don’t consider ziploc’s a system, but will use the plastic bag concept in a pinch.

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