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Crazy Good: Craft Steak – $105 cut of beef

So [tag]craft Steak[/tag] is coming to [tag]Atlanta[/tag] – cool! Not that I have a lot of room in the budget for a $480 dinner for two, but I do like me some of their steak, service and the overall “I’m just not hip enough” vibe.

Craft is all about steak and [tag]Craft Steak NY[/tag] is no different. They run a rating system on all their cuts or at least the good ones. I had the grass fed oregon beef from[tag] Painted Hills Farm[/tag]. Do you think they charge for listing the farm or region of the vendor? I just searched on Painted Hills and they have a store locator on thier website – nothing in ATL :( . The chap dinning with me had the $105 wegyu which is a [tag]Kobi[/tag] and [tag]Angus[/tag] [tag]beef[/tag] hybrid. While he insisted I have a bite of his beef – I resisted. Other peoples food – really…

So it appears I will have to pay list for the beef @ Craft when they open in ATL. They have a great wine list too. I can only hope that they get a distributor in GA.

Mon, September 3 2007 » Random