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What are the Top 5 TV Jugde shows Tivo-ed?

What do [tag]Judge Judy[/tag], [tag]Judge Alex[/tag], [tag]The People’s Court[/tag], [tag]Judge Mathias[/tag] and [tag]Judge Joe Brown[/tag] have in common? And who is [tag]Judge Christina[/tag]? These are the questions I have when looking at what are on my [tag]Tivo[/tag]s. Apparently there are 5 hours of this stuff available daily for Tivo to record in any given day and Judge Christina just shows up randomly on the bedroom tivo.

These shows are part of [tag]the great tivo debate[/tag]. How long do you keep content on the Tivo? What is the lower priority content for trashing? During the off season our 2 Tivo’s seem to believe we are the biggest court tv fans and [tag]X-Files[/tag] re-run watchers on the planet. My wife claims that my son – 22 months old, is the big X-Phile. The off-season “Tivo recommends” feature is considerably lacking in knowing of my likes.  I mean Tivo and I are in a long term commitment here – I would think it could be more attentive.

I random around my Tivo continuously to identify fodder for delete – [tag]Iron Chef[/tag], [tag]Curb Appeal[/tag], Judge shows, Dr. Phil – is this a not reasonable action in off season?

Gotta go – there’s a [tag]Closer[/tag] marathon on and I’m 4 episodes back and ready to watch!

Mon, September 3 2007 » Random

2 Responses

  1. TivO Box September 21 2007 @ 8:09 pm

    I like Judge Christina but Judge Judy tops all, she is sooo freakin dramatic and hard I love it!!

  2. Cookin' & Smiling September 22 2007 @ 5:48 am

    alas, but it is all drama. thanks for reading