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Best bacon on the planet is on an island…

I didn’t go in search of good bacon like I am actively in search of the perfect burger on the planet. I had a happy accident on the island of Maui in 2004 in respect to finding the best bacon I’ve ever ate and I suspect I will ever eat.

One would think, bacon is bacon and for the most part it is. Essentially there are two kinds of bacon you get served in restaurants – hotel Bacon and Not-hotel restaurant bacon, the later is the better of the two. Our friends in Canada would argue for a third, [tag]Canadian bacon[/tag], I’ll just let our friends up north have their own unique version of salt pork and not crowd my bacon taxonomy.

The other weird thing about bacon it is always taste better when someone else makes it, something about that bacon grease can my Nanny always had for cooking greens in fridge and the clean up which make bacon at home less enjoyable than restaurant bacon.

So hotel bacon is that thin, fatty and sometimes fairly good – think a good meal at [tag]Waffle House[/tag] – not an oxymoron. Non-Hotel bacon is sometimes peppered, more lean and more thick with potentially an smoke applewood overtone. With that being said, what sets the Wailea bacon apart?

Not quite sure what is the difference. From the menu listing it’s just another side of smoked applewood bacon. The amazing part is while I always appreciate any breakfast for two over $50, I’m really not usually expecting much – I mean it’s breakfast after all. I typically see an expensive hotel/resort breakfast as a unofficial resort tax when traveling. I order my standard side of bacon, coffee, wheat toast and freshly squeezed OJ.

When the order arrived I am presented with 4 pieces of bacon that essentially fill the side plate it is served on. This is the thickest bacon I’ve had that isn’t called a pork chop. I recall specifically the girth because Emily felt she should have one of my perfect pieces of bacon because there was so much bacon on the plate, which I probably couldn’t eat alone. The taste, texture and overall smoky flavor was amazing.

Long story short – I ordered 2 additional sides and for the rest of the week to create my standard order of 3 sides of bacon, coffee, wheat toast and OJ. Yes, I shared 2 pieces each morning with Emily. I’m not sure what is different about the bacon. Was it the thickness, the curing process or the chef? Emily believes it’s because they feed the pigs pineapples.

Because of the Wailea experience I have now ordered smoked applewood bacon online and at all restaurants it appears on the menu just to see if I can random into this goodness again and to date I have not been so lucky.

I have had 1 order of bacon which has come close, not really close, but sorta – this is at the [tag]Phoenician[/tag] in [tag]Scottsdale, AZ[/tag] – their toast was definitely [tag]top 5[/tag].

Perhaps someday I will wander back into a side of bacon which will beat the bacon in Maui, but I doubt it.

Sun, September 16 2007 » Random

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