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Busted: A blogging weekend – remembering a funny story

So it’s official, I’ve been busted. I’ve been researching all morning, blogging all day yesterday and generally not paying attention to much except ideas in my brain and the next BIG IDEA for the blog. To prove this I watch the same episode of [tag]Monk[/tag] 3X’s yesterday on [tag]Tivo[/tag] and 1 episode of [tag]Psych[/tag] and can’t tell you a thing about any of them!

So this morning, I’ve apparently been watching [tag]Design Star[/tag] and the only thing I know is that [tag]Vern Yip[/tag] is on it and I have a really funny bar moment with him in the past.  Sounds odd I know and the story is even more odd.

So let me first say – most people shouldn’t be bothered and be allowed to life their life. To that end, I had one of those you can’t ignore witty comments which just happened to be at the urinal at the rose and crown (now defunct) in [tag]Buckhead[/tag].

So this was 2003?!?!?!?. I’m taking my team out for beers, hor d’ourves and great conversation. So some short guy walks in and I have no idea who it is, but one of my reports does and spends 15 minutes explaining how much she likes [tag]Trading Spaces[/tag], the show which Vern is on. Clearly my wife knew who he was when I came home and told the following story.

Fast forward 1-2 hours.  So I’m sporting a fairly healthy buzz and full bladder. I make my way into the men’s room – very glad to say the short urinal is available. I’m not that tall and sometimes construction folks hang the tall one a little high for me.   In walks Vern, I remember this as him being shorter than I, but memory is tricky – nevertheless I play a scenario in my head that he has to be on his tippy toes to use the “big boys” urinal.

Now with this imaginary scene running through my head and the fact that I now know he’s on a show called trading spaces, I can’t stop myself.   I hate bathroom talk, but with a little liquid courage, I blurt out. “Would you want to trade spaces?”

Vern starts chuckling and I notice that he is urinating on the floor and presumably on himself, but definitely on me – sandals SUCK! Ewwww! So I implore you please don’t say funny stuff at the urinal with short people, it could get messier than you think.  Better yet, don’t talk in the bathroom, this is probably a guy thing.

Sun, September 16 2007 » Random