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An Amaizing Week….

So how many places can a person be in a week? The answer is a bunch now that we have these things call airplanes.

I had 1 week which was NYC, Warsaw, Poland, Atlanta and Detroit. I’ve had plenty of weeks being in 3 locations, but 4 is a tough one. The before mentioned week was the toughest travel week EVER. Another busy one was Guatemala, Belize, Miami, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala all in 5 days, in that order. That was for fun.

I had a fairly tough set of travel this week, but only involved 2 continents and 2 places.

First Observation: I’m clearly getting old.

Second Observation: Working on both GMT+1 and GMT-5 sucks.

So because of all of this I anxiously awaited life in a single timezone and enough sleep. So over the past week I’ve ate dissapointing [tag]BBQ[/tag], impressive Pizza, Gnocchi, Steak and popcorn, but it is very possible the popcorn was the most enjoyable. The family after allowing me to sleep an abnormal amount of time over the past 3 days enlisted me in a road trip. Corn Maze!!! These are more fun than you would think, especially with a toddler. I think they could also be cool for adults or high school dates. I told a friend about going and it reminded her of childhood days in Wisconsin. (So was that a date?)

The team went to Yahoo Farms – a great unassuming place for families in north Georgia, specifically [tag]Jasper[/tag]. The people were very friendly, cool,  mellow and clearly in love with what they were doing – building a place for families to enjoy. They also have really good popcorn.

So I had seen the [tag]Duomo[/tag] di [tag]Milano[/tag], the [tag]Rialto Bridge[/tag] in Venice and a corn maze in GA in the last 7 days – the [tag]corn maze[/tag] was the most fun by far.



Venice Italy Rialto Bridge


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