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Culinary Experience: Hey team – want McDonald’s – again?!?!?

So we all like [tag]McDonald’s[/tag], most will probably not admit it and seldom not feel guilty after a visit – but we DO like McDonald’s. All of us have new way of referring to a quick stop as Micky D’s. Ever since the movie Super Size Me from [tag]Morgan Spurlock[/tag] we refer to McDonald’s with euphemisms: “grabbing something quick” or “getting a burger”.

So that being said I distinctly remember several specific McDonald’s visits which are almost perfect, this week was not one. I had the opportunity to welcome our new son into the world this week so I spent a good deal of time in a hospital for this great event. So because of the great way my week started I got to eat 4 meals over 2.5 days in the hospital cafeteria.

Meal 3 was where it hit me for this post. I clearly loved the first [tag]Double Quarter Pounder[/tag] with cheese and my second, but meal three was about those chicken wrappy things. Meal 4 – a chicken sandwich. Oh how I longed for the McDonald’s I was in last week with a McDonald’s which had bier and mayonaise tubs in Italy. Then I realized I have 2 other almost magical McDonald’s experiences which are clearly in my head:

1. My first McDonald’s in like 4 months after working my way around Central America in Guatemala City during college – 2 [tag]Big Macs[/tag], fries and Coke

2. A late night stop at the one on times square – [tag]Quarter Pounder[/tag] w/ cheese meal

So since I made this a culinary experience post, I will use my average McDonald’s experience from a rating perspective and honestly not such a good good rating. The inconsistency of freshness, preparation and service are making it one of the low end vendors in the space. Not lovin’ it.
You want consistency, go to [tag]Wendy’s[/tag]. I know the fries suck, but the other stuff is always the same.

Location: McDonald’s

Rating: 2

Sat, October 6 2007 » Random

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