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What’s cookin with the economy?

Some quick back of the napkin math indicates that the $700B bailout is just a patch and no matter what you mix in, it’s still going to go a little bit flat. How does this help the average person that works and pays their bills again? We are talking some serious dough if you add it all up it will be just under a trillion dollars thanks to the mortgage input already of $250B. I actually think a the presidential candidates should think a little bigger, a little farther out and help setup an infrastructure which is green friendly, support an information economy and provides “bridge” projects/employment for the masses which will allow for a skills catch up in the population. I suspect there is about another $1.5-2.25 trillion in excess in the market, so why not invest in people over corporations. Don’t get me wrong the corporations are going to make some money too, but it would be cool to help folks out along the way. The new deal helped unify the country and bring new skills to the general population, that just might be what we need. Detailed rant can be found here, but the abridged version is below:


Sat, October 4 2008 » Random