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My Mom’s Breaded Porkchop recipe

My Mom’s Breaded Pork Chops are one of my favorite recipes of all time if I have the time to make it.  I do have a couple of tips (it took me several tries to get this recipe right). I use a pot and not a pan just a little bigger than the pork chop to brown it. Coat the bottom heavily with a good olive oil (I prefer extra virgin). Use enough so that when you put the pork chop in the oil reaches at least halfway up. Make sure to get a great golden color on the chop. This seals in the juices and you will less likely to end up with dry pork. Really wait before checking the temperature. Just remember every time you use a meat thermometer your poking a hole in the pork chop making the juices to run out. This recipe is worth the time and patience.

Pork Chops (usually 1 per person)
Bread Crumbs
Egg slightly beaten
Breadcrumbs (I like the Italian style breadcrumbs)
Olive oil
Sliced bread (1 piece per pork chop)

PREHEAT oven to 350°F.

PLACE Flour, Egg and Breadcrumbs in separate pie plates or shallow dishes.

DIP pork chop in flour, then in egg, then bread crumbs turning over to evenly coat both sides of each pork chop. Discard any remaining coating mixture.

HEAT oil in pan on stove until hot. Place slices of bread on baking pan or cookie sheet.

BROWN both sides of chops. This should only be about 10-30 seconds per side. Remove chops and place on bread. The bread is used to soak up the oil and juices so the chop doesn’t end up soggy.

BAKE until meat thermometer reads 170°F. Depending on the thickness of the pork chop this could be 30 minutes to 1-½ hours for a VERY thick chop. If the chops are more than 1 ½” you should also turn the heat down to 325°F so they don’t dry out).

REMOVE chops from bread and serve. These are great with applesauce (store bought or homemade) and Mac and cheese or potatoes.

GIVE the bread to your dogs… They’ll love it.


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Thu, June 24 2010 » Cooking, Recipes