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Being a New Mom: At 32 and Again at 42

My first child was born just at the end of my 32nd year. I was like all brand new parents, wondering where the baby manual was and was I prepared to take care of this little helpless bundle. I was older than most moms at that time, but not quite at the oh-so flattering geriatric maternal age of 35 and over. Motherhood was a fun time. I had already had a career and traveled quite a bit. So when my maternity leave was ending, we were fortunate enough that I could stay-at-home and decided not to go back to the office. Flash forward ten years, and I am sitting here with my one-year old. I’m now definitely in the old-mother category. You’d think that I would remember what it was like from the first time around, but nature has a way of glossing over those details.

So what has changed this second time around as a new parent? Well there are more nifty baby gadgets, tons more information about safety and nutrition, and my body is definitely different. Below are 10 things that I noticed.

1. Didn’t need a Boppy nursing pillow this time – apparently my boobs have dropped low enough to reach my nursing baby in my lap – alas the dark side of having bigger breasts from pregnancy.

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