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Frugal Recipes: Easy Beef Stew For Less Than 15 Dollars!

Everybody eats, but not everyone’s got money to spare! That’s okay, though, because with a few basic tools, cooking techniques, and ingredients, you can cook some seriously tasty and frugal meals. Here’s a recipe for my favorite beef stew that you can replicate for less than 15 dollars…

Step 1: Cheap Beef and Veggies

Head on out to your favorite supermarket or budget food store to gather the ingredients for this frugal recipe. You’ll need a store that has at least a basic meat counter or butcher’s section, as well as some decent produce.

At the meat counter, look for a cheap, somewhat fatty cut of beef. Chuck is my favorite, and you can find it for just two to three dollars per pound if you check the right places! Don’t worry about the fat, either, as much of it will render, or melt off, during the cooking process.

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Author: David J. Jefferson
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Thu, August 20 2015 » Cooking