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You got up early this morning preparing for breakfast, packing lunches, laying out clothes, cleaning the house, caring for kids, it has been a long day and you haven’t stopped yet. Rinse and repeat tomorrow!

Is this you? You love your family but you just don’t have any time for yourself and sometimes its overwhelming. Things build up and finally you boil over and open the wine.

Putting yourself first for once can be a daunting task for you, yet it is essential when you are caring for others as well. We think we are being selfish when we talk about “me’ time or doing something just for us. However think about it this way:it’s important to us that our loved ones get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, play with their friends and relax. So surely we deserve to do that too? Do you have time for relaxation and pleasure? No? Well it’s time to start making yourself a priority too before you implode. Here’s a few ideas of where to start

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Author: Sacha C Whitehead
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Sat, September 26 2015 » Random