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Pork Paprikash – enough said – mmmmmm…….

So I tried this recipe for the first time a while back and it has become a monthly staple ever since. Yummy really can’t describe how good it it.   I used a lot more pepper than the recipe calls for, so you have a disclaimer. I also only had fat-free sour cream on hand. I […]

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Sun, July 11 2010 » Recipes » Comments Off

Lamb doesn’t have to be gamy!

Been thinking about lamb recently not sure why since most of the time I find it a little gamy.  But here is the only recipe which I’ve been able to consistently make which doesn’t have a gamy taste.  I think it’s the garlic which closes the deal with this Garlic Butter Lamb recipe. The Ingredients […]

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Sat, July 10 2010 » Recipes » Comments Off

Orange you glad you had a pulled pork sandwich?

Just at some BBQ recently at One Star Ranch in Alpharetta, GA so I got to thinking about BBQ recipes.   It’s not so much as specific recipe as it is an accent idea.  So here is an idea of using Oranges to create a new version of your tired old BBQ sandwich.  Below are […]

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Thu, July 1 2010 » Random, Recipes » Comments Off

Pork Chops de Italia!

Pork, the other white meat.   The recipe below can be seasoned to taste, but where I would normally recommend or believe you can substitute a butter alternative this is not a recipe one for swapping out real butter. Embrace the calories on this one…plus I’ve tried to make it a whole meal for you. […]

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